Initially, tuition is project-based, similar to a typical studiowork curriculum at an accredited Fine Art department at any university or art college worldwide. The notable difference, however, is that the Atelier does not focus on the so-called 'new media' or overtly 'conceptual' art since this is well catered for in numerous mainstream art schools, both locally and internationally.

Phase 1 - Foundational drawing

The initial projects focus on establishing a solid foundation in perceptual skills through a series of drawing exercises. This is done to create a solid basis from which the student proceeds into a carefully conceived series of painting and related mixed-media projects.

Phase 2  - Painting and related interdisciplinary projects

This relatively extended and intensive phase of project-based tuition takes the student through a wide and interesting range of creative processes and approaches. Each project is specifically designed to familiarise the student with an important aspect of traditional and contemporary painting practice. By the end of this phase you will have achieved a level of competence that allows you to progress to independent studiowork.

Phase 3  - Independent studiowork

The creation of a solid foundation in all aspects (technical, formal and conceptual) of painting during Phase 2 allows the student to progress to a completely personalised programme determined by the individual student in consultation with the teachers. The student now develops their individual style, subject matter and interests. At this stage you will be guided towards working independently, competently and confidently.

Phase 4  - Graduate programme

When a student achieves artistic independence and chooses to work independently, they have the option of continuing to participate on an ad hoc consultation basis.

Art History Programme

A monthly illustrated art history seminar is intended to guide students through the history of world art. This fascinating journey through art adds greatly to the students’ understanding and appreciation of visual art and therefore enriches and adds perspective to their own art making. The main textbook used for the Art History Programme is Helen Gardner’s ‘Art Through the Ages’, a richly illustrated and award-winning volume which is prescribed in many of the world’s best art schools.

online classes

The Stellenbosch Atelier offers online classes for those who wish to attend remotely.

Regular student exhibitions

The Stellenbosch atelier holds regular student exhibitions. This enables the students to gain valuable experience in preparing for exhibitions and the opportunity to gain public exposure.